Member Tributes

Bob Munroe



Bob was an active member of the club from 1998 till his passing in 2013. He served on the board of directors and was President for four years. He also served as the treasurer for six years. While serving on the board he handled all necessary documents to keep the club on track.

Bob greeted and mentored all new members and taught many safety courses over the years.

He was a leader in fundraising and trail maintenance always ready to lend a hand. He always made sure that he gave credit to everyone that helped out.

Bob and his wife Carrol sponsored many MMRSC Christmas Parties where Bob was well known for his singing abilities.

Bob was also active in the community and his church.

His wife Carrol is still an active member and on The Board of Directors.

Paul Whitaker



It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of one of our members.

Paul Whitaker lost his life on Friday 2/14/2020 in a tragic accident while snowmobiling. Paul was an intricate member of the club and on the board of directors. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. At the family’s request there will be no service at this time. 

In a personal note Paul was a friend to me and many others. He taught me how to snowmobile, pulled me out of being stuck more times. He gave me a snowmobile nick name that he would always call me by. He had a sense of humor that would light up a room. I and his many friends will miss him.

Rest in Peace Paul