2020/2021 Fall Work Projects 

Well here we are enjoying fall weather. Very dry but still welcome. There are as usual a whole bunch of projects, some of which will require organizing equipment.

In the mean time on the list is on corridor #19 between 153 and Tasker hill we have our fire pit. Right by the pond. Great social center. Anyway, there is about a cord +/- that needs to be cut and split then stacked. The 3 benches need to have a saw run down them to make them flat for sitting and the fireplace needs to be lifted about a foot so its out of the ground after snow. We have saws, gas, oil, & wood splitter. As dry as its been you can drive right to it. Also keep your eyes open for one of those plastic storage bins for kindlin. I have a couple guys who think they are interested but hey, the more the merrier. I picture some cold refreshments and the portable grill. let me know and I'll get it started.





Oh yeah, we also just ordered 50 orange poles for field/trail marking. We paint about 18" of one end white then sprinkle glass beads on the paint. Pretty. They really stand out at night. Pretty easy. Jen did 100 last year. Any takers?

I have a list of projects, mostly small] and I was thinking next Saturday the 26th or 10/3 of putting together groups and going at them from say 9:00 to1:00 and then stopping for burgers, dogs, thirst quencher's and of coarse , b/s. Please post back your thoughts and Ill pick a day and get the list started.



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