Work Parties

A few of us are going to start signing road crossings this  Thursday & Friday.  Three of us are also going to the "Trails Workshop", formally known as the trailmasters meeting on Saturday. One project I was hoping to get done before frost was to raise the fireplace on corridor#19 by Snow pond the guys built last year. It has become a popular spot to stop and hang out when riding. It didn't take long with all the snow last year to realize it should have been elevated a bit. We took out cement blocks but it was firmly frozen and wasn't going to give. I don't believe the frost is in enough to prevent us from fixing it if we don't wait to much longer. All that's needed is a shovel and rake. Oh yeah, there's also a pile of fire wood that could be cut up and stacked. Any takers?


Our new groomer is lettered and ready to go.  We have received our new Tucker Snowcat groomer. It has more hp, longer tracks , and an upgraded drivetrain which combined will allow us to maintain the trails more efficiently.  It will be on display this Saturday at the Grand Summit Hotel for the Trails Workshop.

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