Thanks For A Great 2019/2020 Season
See You All In The Fall!!

Membership Notice

We hope everyone is doing well during this unsettling times. There has not been a lot to report this spring. We are still waiting on the state to give the go ahead on some trail updates.  We are also looking at some possible trail reroutes. We will be looking for volunteers when we get the go head

This is also reminder to all member that all memberships expire on June 30th, 2020. So now is the time to renew your membership. Our membership cost has not changed it is $30.00 for a single or family membership. There are several ways to join our club. Go to our web page and there a several links that will get you to join our club. The fastest is the NHSA web site and you get your discount voucher right away. We strongly recommend you join now and not wait till there is snow on the ground and you are ready to ride. From time to time glitches happen and by registering now there is plenty of time to fix whatever the problem is, and you are ready to ride when the snow falls.

Also keep in mind that sled registration cost has gone up $99.00 resident club member, $129.00 resident non-club member, $119.00 club member non-resident, $149 non-club member non-resident. The more sleds the more you save.

Ride save and stay on the trails.

Our Thank You's And Sadness

We would like to thank our member volunteers for their help with our trails. Our groomers did a great job given what Mother Nature gave them to work with. Thank you again to the many landowners who without them there are no trails. Thank you to the many business that stepped up with donations and support. A special thank you to Colemans of Conway for their donation of Diesel Fuel and the use of their pumps. Their support for the club and snowmobilers is outstanding.


On a sad note we lost a good friend Paul Whitaker. He will be missed. He left us on a high note doing what he loved to do. He will never be forgotten. To Tyler, Zack and his parents our prayers. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Trail Closings

The trails are closed. We will be closing gates as we get to them. Just because a gate is open does not mean the trail is open. This still has been a good season for riding. Our new groomer did a great job.


Renewing your MMR (or signing up as a new member) only takes seconds on Paypal. Do it and now and save time when registering your sled! Your NHSA registration voucher will be emailed to you.

If you need to register your sleds, Profile Powersports and the Army Barracks, both in Conway, are able to help you!Please support these merchants when you visit! Bring your NHSA voucher (or show it on your phone!) or join the club there!



If anyone hasn't joined the club & registered their sled we have a tablet at Profile Powersports so you can get your NHSA voucher and sled registration at the same time.


If you have paid for your membership via PayPal, your NHSA Membership Voucher will be arriving within 2 weeks. Please email us at if you did not receive your voucher. 

If you would like to receive your voucher immediately please visit NHSA and login to your account.

If you have not renewed your membership yet,  by clicking on the "Join Our Club" tab and then clicking on the PayPal button.



Maps will be available now. If you have already purchased a map online, they will be in the mail soon.  If you still need to purchase one, click HERE to pay and have one mailed to you. Maps will be available soon

Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club
PO Box 342
NH 03818