Welcome To The 2020/2021 Season
To The Best Year Ever...










Nov 14

Wow what a great day! We got done everything on the list! Way too many people to list that showed up to help! Even got to stake out our track for the radar run in February! Thanks to all who came out to help!


Nov 15

Another great day of progress! Thanks to Anthony Fitzsimmons and Chris Cronin for getting the west side fields all marked for the season!


As the season gets closer more people are looking to join a club and register their sleds. We Would like to thank those that have already joined our club. If you joined through our web site or a paper application and have not received a voucher, please be patient. We received a lot of paper applications that needed to be in putted by our membership secretary. We also ran into a problem with accessing the NHSA portal. That has been fixed and we are catching up fast. The question is what do you do now to join our club. You can still join our club on our web page, and we will have a voucher sent to your email address.

You may also download an Application and mail it to our P0 Box,




Go to the NHSA web page from the menu go to join a club, pick a club, enter your information, pay the fee, you can then view and download you voucher.

When the BIG SNOW comes... we'll be ready!  Here's to our best year ever.

Trail Work November 2020 

Ways To Join The Club

Membership Notice

Club memberships for the 2020-21 season are now available. Support our club by joining early! The all-new membership website makes joining snap, via Most clubs kick off a September meeting to start the season. Trail work is going to be a priority. Join us and get involved. Any questions, ask !or desktop. https://www.nhsamembership.com

Sled Registrations

Keep in mind that sled registration cost has gone up $99.00 resident club member, $129.00 resident non-club member, $119.00 club member non-resident, $149 non-club member non-resident. The more sleds the more you save.


Renewing your MMR (or signing up as a new member) only takes seconds on Paypal. Do it and now and save time when registering your sled! Your NHSA registration voucher will be emailed to you.

If you need to register your sleds, Profile Powersports and the Army Barracks, both in Conway, are able to help you!Please support these merchants when you visit! Bring your NHSA voucher (or show it on your phone!) or join the club there!



If anyone hasn't joined the club & registered their sled we have a tablet at Profile Powersports so you can get your NHSA voucher and sled registration at the same time.


If you have paid for your membership via PayPal, your NHSA Membership Voucher will be arriving within 2 weeks. Please email us at mountainmeadowriders@gmail.com if you did not receive your voucher. 

If you would like to receive your voucher immediately please visit NHSA and login to your account.

If you have not renewed your membership yet,  by clicking on the "Join Our Club" tab and then clicking on the PayPal button.



Maps will be available now. If you have already purchased a map online, they will be in the mail soon.  If you still need to purchase one, click HERE to pay and have one mailed to you. Maps will be available soon

Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club
PO Box 342
NH 03818