2021/2022 OFFICERS

There have been some great developments with the board of directors. After many delays due to covid we had our board of directors’ election on April 30, 2021. There were several members that stepped up to be on the board and be officers and lead the club for the next year. The following is the officers and board membe


Board Of Directors Officers (one year term)

Tim Kiesman

Vice President
Chris Cronin


Ed Sarrro

Secretary - James Love


Board of Directors (one year Term)

Chairman of The Board - Clem Paquette

Trail Administrator  -  Roger Garland

Trail Master - Emil Weidner

Board of Directors

Tyler Whitaker (2-year term)

Mike Petell (3 -year term)

Donny Foudriat (3-year term)

Kevin Howard (2-year term)

Greydon Turner (2-year term)

Chuck Sutton (1-year term)

Chet Walden (emeritus)

Carroll Munroe (emeritus)