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Don't forget to renew your club memberships!

This not only helps our club but also saves you money on your registration. It is quick and easy!

Mountain Meadow Riders is fully affiliated with the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA), thereby offering members the many benefits of this State association, including a subscription to it's monthly Sno-Traveler newspaper.

The quality of snowmobiling in the greater Conway area has already been greatly improved by our enthusiastic and hard working membership! We've spent our summers updating existing trails and developing new ones to compliment the terrain. MMR features great trails for family snowmobiling trips up North. Along our trail system, you'll glide through peaceful pine woods, on groomed trails, through acres of wide open powder-covered meadows. Our trails are planned and maintained to accommodate riders of every age and ability.

1.  Click the Memberships button above

2.  Log into your account or create a new account if you don't already have one

3.  Scroll down to Carroll County and select Mountain Meadow Riders

4.  You will receive your voucher directly from NHSA via email, which you will need when registering your sleds.

Thank you for supporting our club through your membership.


If you would like to let others know which club you belong to, we would be glad to mail you a club sticker.

Email us at to ask for one!

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